Monday, February 25, 2013

錢的化身 第08集


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


  1. I've noticed the videos cannot be paused. It's a bit inconvenient. Would you be able to use the older mode? I guess this new mode is probably used to avoid the ads tht interrupt the video, right? It's hard to please everyone ^_^ Thanks for your hardwork always.

  2. the videos can be paused.

    1. please change your web browser to firefox.
    2. please update your adobe plug in

  3. Thanks natnatvip for your prompt reply. Firefox is my default browser and I have upated the adobe plug in but the situation is the same. You know how the video clip is like 01:02/10:20 the left showing how long you've watched and the right being the total time of the video? My current display is natnat/10:20 and the clip cannot be paused. Do you have any idea? It only changed a couple of weeks ago and does the same on my work computer too. Thanks

  4. Oh and I forgot to tell you that since the change (i.e. natnat/10:12 so I cannot pause the video clips), there are no more pauses during the video for ads. Maybe it's an intended change?

  5. i'm not sure too but my current display is (01:02/10:20) left.


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