Thursday, May 03, 2012

仁顯王后的男人 05 Queen In Hyun's Man 05


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


  1. Pt 2 of Ep 5 is working fine here.

    1. please change your web browser to firefox.
    2. please delete your temporary files,cookies and history.
    3. please update your adobe plug in

  2. Thanks for your quick reply.
    Really appreciated.
    I always use Firefox as my browser and I have my adobe updated automatically. Cleared my cookies today too.
    I am a long term supporter of your website since its openning. Never had a problem.
    It's just that I started having problems watching two days ago on my computers at work and at home. Such a coincidence so I thought there were some problems with the player.
    Could you think of any other reasons why? I am actually quite good with computers and I can't figure out why. Only have problems with this particular type of player and only two days ago and on three different computers?? Thanks

  3. please read this link.

  4. I could watch this drama using internet explorer. So I will use that instead of Firefox for this drama.
    Really don't know what happened. Never had a problem up till two days ago.
    Thank you very much anyway.


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