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Kpop最強生死戰 簡介 K-POP - The Ultimate Audition Synopsis


[劇名]:Kpop最強生死戰 K-팝최강서바이벌
[播 送]:韓國channel A
[類 型]:channel A月火劇
[首 播]:2012年03月19日
[導 演]:이정표, 김영민
[編 劇]:문선희
[主演]:樸有煥,高恩雅,金智燁,金恩靜,박유환, 고은아, 홍경민, 박효주, 곽용환, Kevin, 김은정, 알리, 맹세창, 타군, 조윤우
[集 數]:預計16集
[簡介]:韓國首部描寫K-POP熱潮的電視劇《K-POP最強生死戰》劇中另一主演即夢想成為饒舌歌手的鋼琴手池勝妍由演員高恩雅飾演。她因出眾的外貌和幽默感備受觀眾喜愛。劇中的高恩雅雖然是個淘氣的搗蛋鬼,但性格奔放且獨具天賦,在不得已的情況下女扮男裝成為男子組合中的一員。 《K-POP最強生死戰》講述了偶像明星不為人知的背後的故事。


Title: K-POP 최강 서바이벌 / K-POP Choikang Survival
Also known as: The Strongest K-POP Survival
Genre: Music, romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: Channel A
Broadcast period: 2012-Mar-19 to TBA
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 20:50
Original Soundtrack: K-POP - The Ultimate Audition OST


Ji Seung Yeon dreams of becoming a hip-hop legend and unexpected events set her on the path to achieve just that, although there is an added obstacle - she has to dress up as a boy in order to join a male idol group. In the process, she meets Kang Woo Hyun, the leader of the popular idol group, M2, who captivates fans with a killer smile that masks his rude and selfish personality.


Go Eun Ah as Ji Seung Yeon
Park Yoo Hwan as Kang Woo Hyun
Kwak Yong Hwan as Kwon Ji Woo

M2 Junior members

Song Se Hyun as Kim Hyun Seung
Tagoon as Park Ki Bum
Maeng Se Chang as Jang Tae Kwon
Jo Yoon Woo as Dong Woo
Jin Hyuk as Yoon Jae Ah
Kevin as Kang Chang Min

Sunny Entertainment

Hong Kyung Min as CEO Jang Hyun Suk
Park Hyo Joo as Team Leader Han
Lee Sang Joon (이상준) as Jang Suk
Ali (알리) as Teacher Park
Shin Seo Kyung (신서경) as Lee Soon Yeon


Kim Eun Jung as Ri Ah / Oh In Young
Kim Young Ok as Ji Woo's grandmother

Production Credits

Production Company: Lee Kim Productions
Chief Producer: Kim Dong Joon (김동준)
Producer: Jo Yoon Jung (조윤정)
Director: Lee Jung Pyo (이정표)
Screenwriter: Moon Sun Hee

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